Breed Standard
Members must agree to:

   Maintain the original purpose of the Labrador Retriever as a retriever, breeding only from sound dogs of good temperament who exemplify the breed standard and are able to represent the breed for conformation in the ring, in the field as a willing worker, and/or as a hunting companion.

   Be courteous, co-operative, and responsible members of the L.R.C.C., respecting and not degrading another member’s dog(s).

   Breed only to or from stock that, except in a rigorously controlled test breeding, must be:

       a) X-rayed clear of Hip Dysplasia and Elbow Dysplasia, and should be certified by the Ontario Veterinary College (“OVC”) or the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (“OFA”), or PennHip.

       b) Ophthamologically examined and certified clear of hereditary eye diseases when possible. A blood test for PRA by Optigen is strongly recommended.

       c) Dilute-free. Breeders will make all reasonable efforts, including dilute gene testing, to avoid purchasing, producing or allowing their stock to be used to produce dilute affected (dd) or dilute carrier (Dd) Labradors. Offspring of dilute-free (DD) parents will be considered clear by parentage.
  Register all Labrador Retrievers with the C.K.C. and abide by their rules and regulations.

   Keep accurate records of matings, pedigrees, sales, and transfers and pass on only accurate records and pedigrees to purchasers of stock or services, and not in any circumstances knowingly be a part of, or contribute to, false registration.

   Not sell, consign, transfer puppies or adults to pet shops, wholesale dealers, contest sponsors, lotteries, or anyone known to degrade the Labrador Retriever breed or pure-bred dogs, or to individuals breeding and/or selling to the aforementioned.

Sell all pets sold in Canada on non-breeding contracts, which can be removed only with hips and eye clearances provided they are sound in temperament and their quality is suitable for breeding.
   Replace once any pup or dog sold by them which is certified OFA/OVC/PennHip to have Hip Dysplasia/Elbow Dysplasia up to 2 year of age, or who develops PRA, CPRA, or congenital cataracts before 4 years of age.

This agreement may be subject to individual breeders’ restrictions.

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